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Wichita Falls Spring Retail Garden Tour

Attending a local retail garden tour near you is a wonderful way to celebrate the stunning Wichita Falls retail gardens and to find inspiration. For all of my fellow garden tour enthusiasts, I handled all the research and compiled the most comprehensive list possible.

Also speaking aloud, but isn’t this the sweetest date concept ever?

Lowe’s Garden Center

Lowe’s Garden Center –>

The Home Depot Garden Center

Home Depot Garden Center –>

Smith’s Gardentown

Smith’s Gardentown –>

Please attend as many of the events on my sorted list below as you can. I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of the homeowners, organizers, and volunteers who make these tours possible because it is such a special experience. I know I’m not the only one who has to wonder what is blooming behind a fence when they see a lovely front yard. You get a chance to see a different side of the world while also getting to know each other better. When the dates get closer, be sure to check back because I’ll update this blog as necessary. Bring an umbrella just in case, as the tours are generally offered rain or shine. Last year, it rained, but my mother and I still went to a great event. We used to joke about how insane gardeners were and how amazed we were that so many of them continued their tours.

We already know that we don’t mind being dirty, so what harm could a little rain do?